eHome IoT and AI system

In the Q3 2019, the founding team of eHome reached out to us with an interesting idea to combine IoT and AI. We loved the concept of combining two high technologies and decided to cooperate together and assist in some aspects of their business. We’ve produced the web application with the representation of the products and we are working on mobile apps as well.

  • ClienteHome
  • IndustryIoT / AI
  • ServicesDesign, Development, Startup Consulting
Design, development & strategy for a new startup.
We have great attention to detail. From start to finish we are committed to your product success.

Every aspect of our work includes a serious thought process around brainstorming of all of the details that complement the entire product. All those details combined enhance product success chances.


As part of our services we are offering design solutions for your great ideas.


Through the use of high technologies, we are increasing the growth potential of your product.

Business and Strategy

We use our experience to offer advising on both business and strategy for your product.

They built a complete product that perfectly matched my vision in a very short period of time.

We create premium designs and technology.

A digital studio crafting beautiful experiences.

ScaleUP was founded in 2019. In a short period of time, we built a network of experienced individuals that shared the vision of creating awesome products. Individually, all of us have great experience in different domains, including development, design, management, and strategy. Together, we have already helped dozens of businesses to increase their chances of business success.

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